Tarek Sultan 
Chief Executive Officer 
We don't just talk about going above and beyond - we do it.
About Us

From roots in emerging markets, Agility brings efficiency to supply chains in some of the world's most challenging environments, offering unmatched personal service, a global footprint and customized capabilities in developed countries and emerging economies. Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with more than 22,000 employees in over 500 offices and 100 countries.

Our vision: to be a new type of logistics leader meeting the challenges of global trade

Our mission: to facilitate trade through innovative supply chain solutions

Our values: integrity, personal ownership, teamwork and excellence

Our customer promise of personal service:

We thrive on challenges and consistently go above and beyond for our customers. You can count on Agility employees around the world to tackle today’s uncertainties with the confidence that stems from their deep knowledge of local markets and their logistics expertise. Unmatched personal service sets us apart. Each one at Agility assumes a high degree of personal responsibility for your job; and we will not rest until that job is done to your satisfaction. We anticipate instead of react, and we follow through.

Behind every contract, supply chain solution, phone call and shipment is a personal relationship with you, our customer. Whether we are managing your entire supply chain or offering a specialized service, our ability to listen and learn before taking action is what makes our employees your partners and our solutions more effective.

A young company with a rich history

Agility was established in Kuwait in 1979 and by 2004 grew to be the largest logistics provider in the Middle East. The company pursued an aggressive merger strategy from 2004-2008, acquiring many global brands, some with a history dating back to the 1800s. All acquired firms were unified into a seamless global network under the Agility brand name in 2006.

Today our operations stretch around the world with a strong presence in both developed and emerging markets.

Our core strengths

We concentrate our capabilities on areas that are critical to modern supply chains

  • Expertise in emerging markets
  • Deep knowledge of local markets and culture
  • Far reaching network
  • Personal service
  • Appetite for complex assignments in challenging conditions
  • Global network for international freight forwarding
  • Logistics capabilities for warehousing and distribution worldwide
  • Services for specialty industries such as project logistics, chemicals, fairs and events and fuel.
  • Scalable solutions
  • Commitment to social responsibility and a sustainable environment

A New Logistics Leader

Agility is a global logistics leader with two main lines of business.

Agility Global Integrated Logistics

Agility’s core commercial business, Global Integrated Logistics (GIL), provides supply chain solutions to meet traditional and complex customer needs. These include:

  • Freight forwarding products: air, sea, sea/air and road freight forwarding
  • Logistics capabilities: warehousing and distribution, systems and technology
  • Specialty services: fairs and events logistics, chemicals logistics, project logistics, and fuel logistics

Agility Infrastructure

Agility’s Infrastructure group of companies manages industrial real estate and offers logistics-related services, including e-government customs optimization and consulting, waste management and recycling, aviation and ground-handling services, defense and government services, and remote infrastructure and life support. Agility Infrastructure companies include:

  • Real Estate
  • Inspection & Control Services
  • National Aviation Services
  • Global Clearinghouse Systems
  • Metal Recycling Company
  • GCC Services
  • Defense & Government Services